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How to choose a sofa

How to choose a sofa

The sofa is a practical piece of furniture, which is practically in every apartment or private house. It is difficult to imagine house in which there is not even one sofa. It is used for rest or sleep. Buying a new sofa is not easy. The market offers a huge selection of several characteristics, each of which need to consider, so that new furniture fits all your desires. How to choose a sofa that will be comfortable, quality, will please every day and will last a long time?

Let's consider the main parameters that must be considered when selecting.


Before thinking which sofa is best to choose, it is important to answer the first question - what will you use it for and in what room will it stand. Most often, a sofa is bought for rest in front of the TV, with a book or for a friendly get-together. In addition, in our days and conditions of small-sized housing often sofas are used for sleeping. This requires additional criteria.

For normal pastime, almost any sofa is suitable. It should not be equipped with transformation mechanisms, most importantly, to meet the requirements for comfort, durability and practicality.

If you are thinking about how to choose a sofa for daily sleep, pay attention, first of all, to the mechanism of transformation. The sleeping place, which is obtained after unfolding, should be smooth, without joints. Such a result is provided by the mechanisms of "eurobook", "click-clack", "roll-out", etc. If you are going to use the sofa for a sleep every day, the mechanism should be as simple and convenient as possible.

Also the answer to the question "how to choose a sofa for sleep?" Will be the quality of the filler and the frame. They should provide an absolutely flat surface, sufficient rigidity to support the body in the correct position throughout the night. If the sofa is uncomfortable it will harm both physical and psychological health.

Size of sofa

Before choosing a sofa, measure the room and determine the size of the furniture. Of course, the decision which sofa is best to choose should not depend only on this parameter, but it should be taken into account when viewing the options. In addition, you need to correctly calculate the dimensions of the sofa in the unfolded state - there should be room in the room.

For a living room it can be more convenient to purchase a corner sofa, and in a small nursery - a couch. It is important that this piece of furniture does not take up too much space and at the same time provide the necessary space for rest. Some factories make furniture according to individual parameters, which can cost more, but will allow you to buy exactly what you need.


The frame is the foundation and support of any sofa. From how much it is durable and what material is made will depend on the life of the furniture, its reliability and load capacity. In our time to create a sofa frame use:

Of course, the wooden furniture cost more, but its strength is much higher. In some models, these materials are combined to achieve optimal strength and cost. A cheap sofa can not be made of wood, consider this factor when choosing.


The filler is also very important. To find models in which only foam rubber is used, so popular before, it is almost impossible. In addition, materials such as foam rubber quickly lose shape and leave the places squashed. Usually the filler is used:

The best result is given by sofas, in which a spring block and polyurethane foam are combined. This option will be softer and more reliable, besides it will be able to maintain the original form much longer. They provide optimum rigidity of furniture.

Mechanism of transformation

Of the most mechanisms, it is worth highlighting several of the most popular:

If you do not know what mechanism to choose, pay attention to the fact that it should be very simple, do not require physical effort, include a minimum of details. The simpler the system, the longer it will work.

Be sure to pay attention to the material from which the details of the mechanism are made, and also how well they are made. Correctly matched sofa mechanism will ensure your comfort for many years using the sofa.

Furniture upholstery material

The choice of materials for upholstery is very large. To determine how to choose the fabric for the sofa, you should familiarize yourself with their characteristics. Most often for upholstery use:

Do not choose cheap material, as it will quickly lose its color and shape and will have to be replaced. Good tissue can last 5-10 years or more. Identify with color is easier, based on the concept of the interior and the overall design of the apartment.

Functional parts

Modern versions often include different details that make this piece of furniture even more convenient and practical.

These include:

  1. underwear box.
  2. built-in recesses in the armrests.
  3. shelves, etc.

It can have a solid back, or several large sofa cushions that fulfill this role. They can be placed as you like, changing the appearance of the sofa. Most often, pillows are made in a different color to give the model an original modern loo.

Appearance and design

In this respect, there is no right option - every person chooses a piece of furniture to his liking. When inspecting, pay attention to the fact that the seams were sewn neatly, the upholstery did not have scuffs and stains.

Correctly chosen sofa will be the brightest, comfortable and favorite place in the apartment. Do not just look for a cheap option, such purchases are made every 5-10 years, so you should take the time and buy the most suitable model for all parameters.